Printing on IP attached Laser Printers


Due to switching to a 1gb network card in our AS400 which only uses TCP/IP we lost any SNA. We were successfully using the lexlink option in the printer definitions. It worked great and we had no issues with page printing. But now since converting to IP via option 7 of the Install menu (Create Output Queue) the print get chopped off at the bottom of each page approx. two lines worth. I have tried many different options but with no cure. It also seems that unless I create via option 7 the PCL printing doesn't work.

OneWorld XE 7333 SP15 AS400 v4r5


We had the same thing happenning to us on landscape printing and I changed the Paper Type width to 8 inches and we didn't lose the 2 lines. I haven't been able to change it back to 8.5 inches once I did this.

OW XE SP 14.2, AS/400 V4R5, Citrix
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You may need to create a "workstation customizing object" a "WSCST" and
attach it to the outq (not the writer) . We print TCPIP and needed to do so
for forms printers at any rate. Good info is available on the IBM website.