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Printing multiple paystubs at once for an employee


Hello all, We have an employee that would like to have a printout of his paystubs from Jan 2017 to August 2018. Is there a UBE that would make this possible?

I've tried using R07186 and playing with the data selection...but that didn't work.

Any suggestions?



E1 9.1
Tools release


Agreed...I'm not sure why the person would need this...but I wondered if there was a report that would do this. I've got a case with JDE support...they are not having much luck either.

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
You could write a custom UBE that has its business view over the F06156 Paycheck history summary table. Use data selections to specify the AN8 of the employee and the start/stop date range you need. In the Do Section, take the current check control number from the business view and pass it into the report interconnect of a Call UBE R07186.


Thanks Kim!

I wanted to do it without having to create a custom object...I decide just to run all 44 of them, save the PDFs in a zip file and send it to him.
Our payroll department ask him why he'd want all of these paystubs printed....he said when he worked for us he never had the option of printing them out himself and if we didn't provide them he'd get in touch with employee standards and "go public".

He worked for us from Jan 2017 to August 2018...and we've had the ability for an employee to print their paystub since 2006.

The phrase "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" is completely lost on this guy.

Thanks for your help everyone.