Printing labels from E1 using Adobe


[h=2]Printing labels from E1 using Adobe[/h]
We are testing new labels and Zebra printers using Adobe as our printing solution. The labels are printing upside down when we print immediate. I spoke with Zebra and they printed a sample of their labels and it printed fine. They also set up the Zebra print driver for me. Zebra said it must be a setting in the application (Adobe) that is not rotating the label 180 degrees. I have changed the Zebra print driver to rotate the label 180 degrees, but it still prints upside down.

Does anyone have a similar problem? We are thinking of re-rolling our labels in the opposite direction as we have a logo on them. This will print the label (logo at the bottom), but they will still print upside down.

Am running into the same issue. Did you find the solution ? Please help.