Printing External PDF within JDE


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Hi All,

Can I have external PDF that Create Form can read and sent it to the Printer with JDE? Any suggestions.



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Are you asking if a PDF that was not created by JDE can be processed and printed by Create!form?

If so, the answer is probably no. The PDF's created by JDE and processed by create!form include metadata that is used in the processing.


I did something similar

Somebody did it? I need do it the same thing

What I did was to create a Custom table in JDE. One of the fields i the table was a LINK to the pdf. Within JDE, I created a app which used the table. When I pulled up the line in the app, I selected the Link and .pdf appeared as if ran local in JDE. I sent it to the my printer. It might be a little more than that in JDE 9.x. I did this a few years ago in 8.0. The Customer Service Reps used this application for outside orders.


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My guess is that you just use a Cdirector project to "get" the file that you want to print and send it to a printer. I can't tell from this conversation exactly what/why/how this non-E1 PDF should print.


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Hi Randy.
Hi Peter.

I have a related query.
We are on 8.12 and TR 8.96.40.
We cannot use the BI Publisher with this old version.
I know code with C# .NET, if I make a report in C# .NET, how can I call it from JDE ?