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Hi All.

I have a requirement to print External PDF from a folder to a printer directly within JDE.


I have a PDF that is on a share drive that need to be accessed JDE. I need to read the PDF from the folder and print it directly to the printer? Any suggestions.


There is a directory on the JDE Enterprise server called import. We have a secured "share" so that certain staff can place files there to be imported.

However that does not appear to be what you need.

If you can provide the reasons for the need to print such a PDF from JDE, there may be other ways to accomplish your requirement.

I often get a request to do something, that sounds strange. When I ask "Why do you want to that?" I get the "real" requirement which I can provide in a different and generally better way to what the user was thinking and requesting.
Not sure of your Tools Release, but....

Advanced Media Objects?
Get CNC to map the shared drive to to your server and then go and get the file. I think OLE objects are links to files

Or add the files on this external drive as JPEGs etc in your media queues and just go get them from there rather than externally. Or are these external changing frequently and need referencing somehow?

I agree with Peter, explain more what you've been been asked to do as it maybe simpler than we think :)

14.3 Media Object Queues
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne media object queues enable the storage location of media objects to be tracked by reference rather than physical network location, which simplifies the administration of media location. For example, the location for media objects on the server can change, and the change is reflected in only one place in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

You must define a media object queue to identify the pointer to the location where the actual image files or OLE objects reside. Media object queues provide the system administrator with the ability to easily manage the storage of media objects in the software. Within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you must set up media object queues to use images that are outside of the imaging product's domain (for example, scanned images). You can set up media object queues for these types of objects:

Image objects (actual files).

OLE objects (links to files).

URLs (internet addresses).
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No sure of your exact requirements or how far you want to take it but look at XpdfPrint from

We used that for years. We stored PDF MSDS sheets in a BLOB field in a JDE table. Had multiple ways to print including an automated UBE process and an APPL that would allow the user to select the JDE printer (to get the printer URL) but then use XpdfPrint to print the PDF.

BTW, they have a lot of great PDF libs that can integrate well with JDE BSFNs. We no longer use XpdfPrint but we are now using another one of their PDF libraries for another solution.
Thanks Peter for the response. My requirement:- We have purchased a company (A) that will be a separate entity, but company A will be sending orders into our system. The company will process orders via there web system and the order data will be drop onto a ftp location. We have a EDI tool that reads the data and calls JDE BSSV to create the sales order in JDE system. During this process along with orders and in some scenario they are going to send already generated BOL PDF that will be dropped into a network drive by the EDI tool. So when the order is ready to be picked in JDE, if there is BOL PDF that was sent to us it needs to read the PDF and print it along with other document that we are printing. As the BOL is already a generated PDF that is send by Company A, how can we print it during the order is picked?

Thanks for the explanation.

I think John Danter is "barking up the correct tree" on this one. But it is not straight forward and little bit out of my experience.

In a normal situation you would save the file as an attachment to the sales order, then when printing the picking slip, print the attachment, BUT I'm not sure if it is possible to print a non-text attachment inside a JDE report.

There are ways to get around this. To determine what would work, you will need to provide your system details (as John Danter inferred - Mr Danter, sir, you did it again!!) - JDE Apps version; JDE Tools version; Enterprise server (unix/windows/etc); Database (Oracle/SQL Server/ etc.)
I was able to do it in Create form. Created a dummy report to pass the value of the network directory, file name and printer and in Create Form director read the file from the network path and send to the printer. It worked fine... Thanks all for your comments.