Printing checks in Xe


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Hey List,
We recently upgraded to Xe and are testing things out in PY and we
noticed that when we print checks the spacing is off a little bit. It looks
like the UBE that prints the checks is R04572 version ZJDE0001. I think I
just need to go into report design aid and move some things up so it will
print ok, but I would like some advice on how to do this. Thanks for any

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Ricardo Paz

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My best advice is that you should not modify the original UBE, you'd better
copy the ZJDE0001 to another version, so in case you need to go back, you'll
always have the original version intact.

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Has no one done the EnterpriseReportWriting course?
Or do you have access to the manual?
If neither, then what kind of advice do you need?
Moving fields around?