printing a report alphabetically in JDEdwards EnterpriseOne


How can one specifically change the way a report generates the list of data. Specifically, I am trying to create a payment control group in JDE. The report prints out in categories and not alphabetically. How do I change that so it prints the way I want? I'm new to JDE and can't seem to locate that parameter that changes it to Alphabetical.

Thanks for your help!

Kim Schmidt

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There are high-level sequences that are hard-coded into the program, Alpha Name is one of them, but it's not the highest level of sorting. This report ignores any user sequence selections you might specify at run time. First, it sorts by payment instrument. Then if you haven't specified a specific bank account as a processing option it will sort by bank account ID. Then if the Proc Option for Business Unit Processing is set to "1", it will next sort by Business Unit. Then it will sort by Currency Code, and then by Payment Handling Code. Finally, it will sort by the Alpha name. There are additional sort levels below Alpha Name as well. Although you could edit the event rules to change this, I'm not sure that would be a good idea.


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You actually can change this by creating new sequences in P0415. We have a few different settings for different versions of creating payment group based on user preferences. We have one that is ascending based on company, payee alpha name, and address #.