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Printer Security


Active Member
Does anybody knows how to place security on OneWorld Printers,
We have some Dumb users that usually print on the wrong printers.

I tried with NT Printer permissions, but it did not work.

Anybody has an idea?

Ronnet Patino
OneWorld Developer
OneWorld B733.2 SP 7
SQL 7.0 SP 2
Noritex - Panama


VIP Member
try setting up some default printers and disable the change printer row exit

Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix


VIP Member
Another thought is to apply row security to the F98616 table to hide the printers you don't want selected.

I think the default printer/disable change printer exit is a simpler way to do it.

Justin Miller

working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX