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Printer definition with a dash in the server name

Does anyone know how to get the printer definition to
accept an Nt print server that has a dash in its name?


I've faced with no any dashes and underscores allowed during printer
definition ;(.
So, i've just rename the printer, but left a share name as it was. It has


Timur Chulinin
Financial systems administrator
Caterpillar Tosno, Russia

Xe on NT/SQL

stefanos99 <stefanos99@yahoo.com>@jdelist.com
22May2001 03:50


Active Member
I ran into this problem after I upgraded to Xe, it appears that Xe doesn't
allow any special character in the printer names. What we did was create a
new printer share pointing to the printer we wanted to print to. That way
we didn't have to change printers on everyone's machines, just the people
using OneWorld.

Justin Walker
OneWorld Systems Administrator
Colorado Christian University
The problem is down to a business function within the P98616 Work with
Printers Application.

The Business Function is B9861603 Special Character in Printer Name.

Create a Copy of this Program and Comment out the Business Function where it

(W98616o Form /hidden fields/As400 Library name,AS400 OutputQueue,Printer
Name Value,Printer Server Name,Printer Shared Name)

We Also had Dashes in the Printer Server Name, this sucessfully circumvented
the problem.


Colin Docherty

REP7 Limited
FW: Printer definition with a dash in the server name

Here is some documentation on how to add a printer with a dash in the
server name. There is an ESU to apply and then some C-code to change.=20

Kind Regards
Bernadette Vella

XE, SP15, Oracle, HP



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I think, it depends on the SP-level. I´m supporting an installation XE,
SP15_006, NT4SP6 Oracle8.1.6.
The name of the servers include an underscore. We were using the
deployment-server as our print-server. With SP13 it was working withoutr
any problems. Since SP13.1 we can not use this server as our print-server.
We configured another server as our print-server but didn´t change the
name of the printer, which includes an underscore. It´s working now...
Herbert Sickel
On 22 May 2001, at 4:13, Chulinin_Timur wrote: