E9.2 Printer defined at RDA level does not work



We have recently upgraded from 9.0 to 9.2 and we have this weird issue:
Any new batch version that we create and select a specific printer at the RDA level won't print to that said printer.
Instead it will be the user's default printer.

All of our old batch versions are still working as intended (those that we migrated from 9.0).

Take note that we are not using the "P98616 - Work With Default Printers" to define the printers at the batch version levels and we do not intend to use it either, since it was working in 9.0.

I noticed the following:
1. I have created a new batch version and have selected printer "A" in the RDA.
2. When I run it, it uses printer "B" which is my default.
3. I went to "P98616 - Work With Default Printers" and set the default to printer "C" for this new batch version.
4. Now when I run it, it uses printer "C"...
So it reacts as if the printer "A" was not defined at the RDA level...

Any thoughts?