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Print Queue Error in DV

Hi List,

I'm having issues printing a UBE in DV. I try to run it via the FAT client through the Enterprise One menu localhost link and I get an "E" status in the print status. I tried running the same report via the DV link on two of the FAT clients we have and also on my local computer, but I get the same error status. I then deployed the report to the PY environment and here it runs perfectly and I get the output. :confused: So from what I can tell this issue is with DV not printing this particular UBE. I need the report to run on DV so that I can run the Event Rules Debugger on it. Any help is appreciated; Thank you!


Legendary Poster

As you are using FAT clients, you could set logging in the JDE.INI to debug and then create a debug log of the issue. That should give you some information on the error and what is causing it.