Print Phantom BOM on F3111 with R31410




We're currently clonning JDE UBE R31410 to perform an enhancement. We require to print the full BOM using a Finished Good BOM and Phantom Components.

The requirement states that all components shall be printed and copied from F3002 to F3111, using the data from the Parent Item BOM on the Work Order and replacing the components of the Phantom Component (replacing the components) that fullfill the Stocking Type 0 and Line Type "N".

Please advice, :cool::D
Not sure I understand the question.
The system already automatically pulls phantom components into a Work Order.

Try again on what your question is.
Hi Larry,

Forgive my bad English, I'll be more specific, on UBE R31410 the BSFN B3101260 (F3111 Parts List Master) Performs the Part list "copy" from F3002 to F3111 with all the required calculations (related to Inventory Issues, Scap Materials, Qty's... etc)

Currently, on this BSFN in our customer instance we have the following code (On C languaje) with a variable Enabled that apparently Disable the functionality of the Phantom Components Processing:

dsB3003090Load.cIncludeTextLines = '1';
dsB3003090Load.cConsolidateRecords = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cCalculateScrap = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cCalcYieldPercent = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cCalcLeadtime = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cCalculateShrinkage = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cExcludePhantoms = '1';
dsB3003090Load.cExcludeSubAssemblies = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cIncludeIntermediates = '1';
dsB3003090Load.nLevelAsInteger = (int)1;
dsB3003090Load.cLevelAdded = '0';
dsB3003090Load.cIncludeProcess = '0';

Would the Phantoms processing start working again if this BSFN it's updated with a '0' value on this variable?
I checked my code for B3101260 and it is the same (cExcludePhantoms = '1'). Yet we get Phantoms components sucked up into our WO Parts List.
This should work out of the Box.
Question. For the Phantom BOM Parent - is the Item Branch Stocking Type set to 0 (zero)?
Hi, thanks for looking out for this on your code, Yes.

Currently we have being using Stoking Type 0 and Line type "N" for Phantom components identification, also we executed one test successfully with one item to explode Phantoms BOM and we were unable to recreate it again with the same item after we change this BSFN variable value to "0".

Not sure why this UBE it's not processing the Phantom Components, lately we review the code and see that a retrofit was performed over a ESU Update, so I believe that some functionalities might be removed (including the natural behavior of Phantom Components).

Can somebody upload the ER of their R31410 in case Phantom Components are being processed to compare?


BSFN that seems to process the components (and the phantoms) is B3003090. For some reason its excluding phantoms from the partlist. I cannot do a debug of this BSFN, my instance always breaks. BUt checking logs i dont see the phantom item being used at any point, probably because its cached and only worked from there.

Can somebody share how the phantoms are setup, and also the code fo B3003090 (LOAD NEXT BOM LEVEL)?

Much appreciated.