E9.2 Print Immediate Job waiting for Spoolsvr


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We have noticed that sometimes when a job is set for print immediate and if the remote print server has any isuses or is not responding the job will wait in processing state. On the Windows Enterprise server when we check the process id of the job and analyze the wait chain - it seems to be waiting on spoolsvr.exe.

If we kill the spool service on the entrprise server, the job finishes fine. Also we direct the default printer to a dummy (let's say Eone Default Printer) the job completes normally. It almost seems like the job is waiting for an acknoledgement from the print server before finishing.

My question is this a normal behaviour? or are there any ways we can avoid having the job wait or keep processing incase there are issues with the print server.

Windows 2016 Server, WebLogic 12c
SQL Server 2016


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Yes, the job waits for a successful queuing of the print job. If this is a common issue with the remote print server(s) being offline what I suggest is that you use the local print spooler on the enterprise server (or wherever the UBE runs) to receive the job but have the printer defined locally to point to the remote printer. This will allow the print job to queue locally and the job to complete. I then suggest that you put monitoring on the local print server to detect when print jobs are pending beyond the amount of time you find acceptable. My view is that print immediate is essentially a business transaction in that someone is waiting on the other end of the chain for the print job to act on it e.g. pickslip. If it doesn't print that "transaction" and the workflow associated with it cannot continue.