Print APChecks to a comma delimited file


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I'm very new to JDE. We are implementing now with a go live date of Dec
1, 2001. My question is: How do I create a version of R04572 so that
the output is a comma delimited file? Do I modify the report by
choosing the option of Database Output or do I modify only the layout?
I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear. Let me explain why I'm asking.
We have a 3rd party software that takes a text file containing the check
data which is imported into and then prints the laser checks. Our
system setup is B7333 sp 16.1 update 2 running on SQL Server 2000.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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U can select the option of database output from the
report design aid and map the no of variables in that options.



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You'll probably get better replies than this, but I think your options are:-

1. Whenever a CSV file is required click the 'output to CSV' option when
choosing a printer. The disadvantage is that the CSV output contains
everything including undesirable things such as page headers, text etc. Also
I don't know if there is any way of automating this process for specific

2. Use the Report Writer to add a new CSV Output section called from the
driver section. Pass the variables you want to appear on the CSV file to the
new section and set up the section to write to a CSV file. Do this by
selecting Section | Database Output from the menu while you have the new
section selected. You can also add a new processing option value (eg. "CSV
File Required Y/N?") and use this value to determine whether to call your
new CSV Output section.

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we have a similar procedure for printing checks. We
use Planet Press, a third-party software, to print
our checks using nice electronic forms. We simply
modified the report to output the data via Database Output.
It was real easy to set up. We put a flag variable in the header
section ("H"), one in the detail section ("D") and one
in the footer section ("F"). That way, when importing your data
via a third party, it knows what lines are for the header, what
lines are for the detail, ... you get the idea.

Hope this helps,



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Great news! That's exactly what we're looking for. Did you modify the
report yourself or have someone do it for you, like a consultant? When
you modified the report, did you make a copy of the R04572, remove all
sections and just configure the Database Output portion? I'm very green
when it comes to this (no formal training yet). In the database output
screen, how did you define the flag variable?

Thanks so much. At least I know there is some sort of light at the end
of the tunnel!

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