Pricing adjustment in different currency

Dana BY

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Hello everyone,I have a question, I'll appreciate if you can give me advise.

We use several pricingadjustments to calculate price:
1) to set quotation price based on formula (it takes price from Price VariableTable)
2) adding premium (on amount, fixed number for each customer)
All those prices are in USD.

Also in somecases we need to add transportation charges to the price, and those charges arenot in USD, because those prices are from transportation provider. We have tomanually calculate transportation charge in dollars, using exchange rate onActual Shipment Date and then manually add them to new pricing adjustment,which means we need to create new adjustment for each sales order every day,and it’s very inconvenient, because usually those transportationcharges are effective for whole month, and we must recalculate them annually onlybecause of daily exchange rate change.

Is it possible to add exchange rate to the price adjustment? I mean, Iwant to create price adjustment valid for 1 month in nonUSD, and it to be recalculatedto dollars using F0015 exchange rate data during pricing process?

The exchange rate and currencies are not based on adjustments. You can only set a based currency for the adjustment.
The currency and exchange rate it's based the order header.
By the way you are describing this, I presume it's domestic, USD.

Adding a price history line with different currency, will not really work with R42800 also
Thank you CManciu.

Is it possible to create a pricing adjustment based on formula, where it can multiply transportation charges from Variable Table to exchange rate from F0015 table?