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Hi List,

We have a requirement to produce a price list for either an individual item or an item/customer combination. The list needs to show the base price of the item and the selling price of the item when 1 of it is purchased by the customer.

We are looking for a business function so that if we give it an item number and/or customer number then it will return the base price / selling price etc. We have advanced pricing switched on - hence the enquiry as it is not as simple as a file get - or is it??????

Any help would be welcome.

Andrew Stavordale
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Have you had any luck with this. We are looking to do the same thing here. I tried using the BSFN B4200950, but it doesn't seem to work right. I then looked into R42950 (which calls B4200950), and it no longer uses that BSFN, it now uses F4211 Edit line and End doc, which are very complicated to use (at least for me). I may resort to using the EDI UBE R47011, and output to a bogus order number like 1-SQ (price book or quote order). Then maybe run a UBE from that order to either create a CSV and/or perhaps an EDI 832. Problem is, is that we have close to 20K items. Hate to fill up F4211 with so many line items. There should be an easier way.

Curious how you made out with this. We need to send price files for a couple of EDI/XML type projects we are doing here.

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In the end I created a business function which seemed to do the trick. If you email me I can send a copy of the code I developed.

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Hi Stavors,
I'm looking at doing something similar to yourself as in, I'm looking at retreiving Customer Product Price inofrmation. This will be called from an external VB app. Your business function looks as if it would be ideal.
Would it be possible for a copy???




Re: Price Lists --> using business Function

I'm having a some problem. Do you got any solution for getting Base Price ? using Business Function ?



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Re: Price Lists --> using business Function

Hi All,
whenever I had to do something with advanced pricing (well, these were cases when order had already been entered) I used tables F4074 and F40UI74 to retrive all price related information...
Gergely Pongrácz
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Re: Price Lists --> using business Function

PFD may be a developer of few words, but the attachment PFD provided (in the link) was of great help.

Ben again,

Frosty the Coder

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Re: Price Lists --> using business Function

What are some search words that I'd find on the link?

I can't get it to work from either the email or forum.

If you (Ben (again)) found it interesting, I definitely want to read it.