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Good afternoon. Please advise me on the question below.

Customer order our import product in either the 20-foot container size or the 40-foot container size. The 20-foot container is less cost-effective. . .a lot of space on a boat, but not as much product.

We are looking to encourage customers to move to 40-foot containers by adding a small upcharge on the 20-foot order. For example, if the base price of a product is $100, we will upcharge to $110 if they order enough for only a 20-foot container, but they will pay the "normal" $100 if they order the larger size

How can I set up an adjustment that will kick in when the container size is 20? I assume I will have to do a customization to put "Trailer20" or something like that on a field, so that the adjustment can fire.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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HI There

There are many ways to skin this cat.
If you use transportation, you could add a freight surcharge based on freight handling code or other factors

But the obvious approach if this would need to be handled by advances pricing is that You can create and advanced pricing adjustment based on "order detail group" which only applies if the selected SO detail field has a code that indicates 20- or 40-foot container. Mode of Transport, route code, stop code, INCO terms, shipping conditions and many other fields can be used to identify if the surcharge should be added. You define which of these fields is the "key".

Please note, adjustments with "order detail group" can only be applied on line level, not on order level so the surcharge would not show as a separate order line but will be included in the unit price
if you need to show this surcharge in your invoice, you would need to check the "Print on document/invoice" and check that you have not done any customization that would cause adjustments to not print on your invoices

You could also create the adjustment with "free goods" to add a surcharge line to the sales order instead of just marking up the unit price

Hope this helps

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