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"Previously Installed"

\"Previously Installed\"


Does anybody know what causes a package ( full in this case)
to be flagged as "previously installed" when trying to deploy on certain
workstations. I'm guessing that it's workstation specific as it is always
happens on the same stations. I have tried clearing the
settings and changing the AppBuildDate = date in the package inf file
but to no avail.

Thanks in Advance.

Paul Gaynor


RE: \"Previously Installed\"


I've had this problem, and the fix from Support line was to Look in the
"package_inf" directory on the deployment server for the file with the name
of your package. Locate the line with the "Foundation Build date" and
change the date on it to the date you built the package.

It should deploy fine then, but you'll need to first reset that status, or

Keith Anderson
Bic Corporation


RE: \"Previously Installed\"


We also had this similar issue. There is a breaking news document
otm-00-0118 which resolved the issue for us. Basically we had to change the
FoundationBuildDate time on the machines: in the registry under
it back 1 hour. This is due to the change to standard time from daylight
saving time.

Karen Riner
OneWorld System Admin
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