Preflush and Backflush

Michelle D.

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We've been live for a little over a year now and have not used either
preflush or backflush. We would like to start using preflush and/or
backflush ... does anyone have any experience with these? Are they
functional in B73.2.2 (without applying any SAR's)? Are there any
enhancements, etc. in Xe?

We need to decide if we should start testing this in our current release or
wait and test it in Xe.

Any experience, advice, thoughts, whatever, would be appreciated!

(Please note that we also use SynQuest!)

Michelle Dulay
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No Kidding!! :)

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you're the jerk

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Backflush at least should be functional under B7332. We have been using it under B7331 now for a year. Sorry, can't tell you if we needed to apply any SARS specific to Backflush.


Larry Jones
[email protected]
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