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Pre-Test for "No Data Selected"


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In my former life, as a traveling vacuum salesman... I saw a unique means to test for "No Data Selection".... And, I've died and become an employee since then....

- Several Custom Sections
- Each Section with its own Data Selection

I have a need to test, within each section, if anything was 'selected'... I know, there are many tricks/examples to doing this.

Easiest/Most Comon:
- In Initialization Section - Set Variable "VA FoundDataYN" to 'N'
- In Do Section - Set Variable "VA FoundDataYN" to 'Y'

And whalahalallala - we know if no data was found...

BUT - someplace I saw a simpler way to do it... I want to play with the 'trick' and see if I can make it work another way... (this is some top-secret-poo, that I'm not willing to share at this time - I don't have clearance)...

If anyone remembers...