Pre-Tax Deduction 125 FSA - Arrears


We have setup a Pre-Tax deduction 125 FSA to go in to arrears but it doesn't work. We opened an SR with Oracle but did not get a solution. Anyone else have this issue? We're usin E1 Application Release 9.0, Tools Release

If your DBA was already an existing DBA and you just decided you now want to arrear that DBA, not only do you change the arrearage method on the DBA, but you must either un enroll employes from the plan and re enroll them so it grabs the new arrearage method or SQL into the F06106 in the ARRR field the new arrearage method for that DBA. Just changing the setup does not update the F06106.
Thanks for answering, appreciate it. I looked at the F06106 and ARRR = 'N'. We will do a test in our DV environment. The crazy thing about this error is if we set the pre-tax deduction type to 125 instead of 125 FSA it worked as desired. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted.