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We're on OneWorld version B733 cum 2. We're trying to implement some of the prerequisite ESU's but are having trouble getting one of the upgrades to affect the application correctly. The ESU's are: 4112422, 4605023, 4605031, and 3600491. We were told that on top of 3600491, we need to re-build bsfn XT4312Z1. This last re-build was to correct an error that we were receiving on P4312 - the error message was "processsing option verion is invalid".

When we built the package and deployed it locally, it worked with no problem. Next, we built a server package. The package build was successful but upon running P4312, we received the same error message.

Has anyone run into this before?

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Kelly Read


We had this same error when we installed the Pre-Req ESU. We resolved it by
doing a full business function rebuild for client & server package (or
building a full client & server package) making sure to check the "clear
output destination" box on the business function build for the package. It
didn't work for us just to do an update package. This cleared it for us,
hopefully will work for you.

Karen Riner
OneWorld System Administrator
Awana Clubs International

OW B7332 SP11
Intel/NT 4.0 sp6
Oracle 8.1.6

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