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PPAT Job Completion Message - Email Impact


We are beginning a project where we store email addresses for all employees/users. To limit the impact on users being bombarded by completed job emails, we adjusted the UBESendMessage to only send a message when it ends in error, only to find via MOS Doc #645319.1 that it controls the Default Job Completion Message sent by the UBE Engine, and not the PPAT Job Completion Message sent by the PPAT business function.

I see the Enhancement Request Bug 27630104 has been logged, but I don’t see a fix for it yet. How are other organizations handling the PPAT Job Completion Messages (associated with Data Dictionary Workflow Message Data Items (LM0021/LM0022))?

We need to block all of those “Completed Normally” emails from reaching the user, and prefer not to rely on the Mail server to filter that based on the subject if possible (as suggested in the MOS Doc above).

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Andrew Ostdiek
Apps: E920