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Hello All,

I have developed a Power Browse form. The Parent form Grid is join of F4101 + F41829. User opens the power form and enters a Search Text like "Oxygen" and clicks find. The Parent form displays all the items which have description "Oxygen". The child form (F4102) shows the details of only Item branch records for 1 items the first one on parent form . When user clicks on second row on parent form the relevant items details are shown in Child form. This works.

But is it possible that if the "Oxygen" search gave a match of 10 items then these 10 items are shown in both Parent and Child form at same time. i.e without firing the Row is Selected Event on Parent form. The screen dump displays my current design form.

Thanks. Appreciate your suggestions. Let me know if any details required. If such a thing is not possible, let me know if I need to pivot the idea.



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