Power Edit Form: Help for Power Forms Newbie


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Hi All

I hope someone can help me ... and in the end I guess other newbies with these power forms.

I'm not new to JDE / E1 but its come time for me to look at the "new" power forms while I have some time on my hands.

I've managed to get the powerbrowse form to work, using Scott Bebe's example that was available on JDETIps. That doc explains it nice and easy to get it working!

So I thought I'd work my way to a PowerEdit form and see if I could get that to work. Well I've tried to find some examples from std JDE but it's not easy trying to find a simple example.

Now is it true, I think it is, that the power edit form does NOT have to have any subform and so I thought I'd try to use it in the first place as a sort of Fix / Inspect form in the first place. Keep it simple and move on from there.

Well at the moment, I can't even get this "Simple" thing to work.
I have a new application created which has a power browse and a power edit form. The forms are based over a new table that I have created / new business view. The power browse will be expanded later on so that I can practice using subforms on it ... but for now, the powerbrowse has a menu Add form exit added that calls the Power Edit. So far I've treated it like a Fix Inspect as I've not got any power stuff / forms (ie sub forms) on it. I press the OK button and I expect it to add to the database ... but it doesn't.

In the first of many questions as I go on this learning ride, can someone tell me what I am missing? Ask away for any info I may have missed out on providing here.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the views from all ... but didn't get a reply.

Never mind, I got the answer eventually.
Unlike a Fix Inspect, the form options to Fetch and Update are NOT switched on by default. In the Power Edit, the FETCH and UPDATE to the business view is switched on only for the GRID (if you have one). For the FORM, you have to switch on the FORM options yourself.

Update and Fetch works fine now .. just as I would have expected.

Well hopefully when I ask my next Question, someone else can help me?