E9.2 Power Browse Form - No option to Change Layout using Cafe1


Can I use Cafe1 with Power Browse Form?
I've a simple power Browse form, but I do not see the option - "Edit Form layout". I don't see this option for standard Power Browse forms - P42103 either.
"Edit Form Layout" is available for other form types.

Tools Release
I've found the same, same tools release. It's too bad-- power forms were all the rage early on, and in a few cases are the only vanilla way to use certain modules (Health & Safety, I'm angrily looking at you).

You can add powerform programs to a composed page, it's not quite the same thing. You can also start with a non-powerform and use edit form layout to bring in the powerform.
Any new APPL I create I use Power Forms. They can be a little flaky, but the ability to add multiple grids is such a huge feature. Even if I will only have one grid I still use Power Forms to give me that option in the future if needed.