Posting Invoice Batch



The JDE version is B733.2

Couldnt post an invoice batch. It is out of balance.
When run the general journal by batch, none of the
entries are posted and there are only single sided
entries. I understand this is correct as the AE will
be created once the batch is posted.

What is the problem with this batch? How can I rectify
this problem.

Thanks and regards,

Check your AAIs ! The account it is trying to post may be inactive,non
postable or doesn't exist, may be KGITEM of AAI does not point to A/R trade

just a thought.

Devi Misra

Not too sure if by now you have got it resolved. If not, you can go to the
journal review and from the 'Exit' bar, choose the 'Revise' and from that
screen change the status to 'A' and then from this new screen's 'Exit' bar,
double click on 'Overides' and click the check box for 'Allow batch to post
out of balance'. This should create your missing AE entries in F0911.

Sook Fun

B732.2, Oracle, HP Unix