Posting batch with previous GL Date into next period


Work doing remote support who is needed. I have one client which ask the possibility to post batch after period close.

They close AR and AP according to End of period. They keep GL open for some extra days (up 5 days after End of Period)

This timeframe is not enough to review all batches in error. They would like that super user post directly batch from previous without open the previous period.

Example Batch error from Octuber with GL Date (any oct day) and to be post in next period (November) and keeping the GL Date as October

They refuse to use PBCO in Constants. The only option is SQL the GL Date.. ???

I understand from your post that your client wants one (power) user to be able to post into closed periods, with the Post Before Cut Off (PBCO) disallowed.

There is only one way to do this of which I am aware, and that is to duplicate the constants table (F0009) and change/add OCM records for the power user so that they use the duplicate constants table and change the constants for the power user to be allowed to PBCO.
Since your requirement is not to use PBCO, you may have to be more creative with a native solution that can be performed by functional and not technical resources. My suggestion is to test the following. Assuming your company is calendar year fiscal date pattern for this example, set up another company with a fiscal date pattern that contains period 11 = October for example. Then the batches can be posted into the next period without the need for PBCO, BUT the ADJUSTING effect can be calculated and booked into this company after the companies can be combined for financial reporting purposes and the effect on period 10 will be realized.