Post each pay item on a voucher with their unique PO #s to GRNI account.


Scenario – supplier sends one invoice for multiple purchase orders. We create one AP voucher (PV doc type) with multiple pay items, via voucher match process, for each purchase order/receipt (OV doc type).

Issue – the total amount of the voucher (all pay items added together) and ONLY the first purchase order number (the PO # on pay item one) is writing to F0911 to our Goods Received not Invoiced g/l account (see example below). Also note that we have our GRNI account assigned a level 6 detail.

When reconciling GRNI, we’d like to use the PO # field in F0911 to review both the receipt in transaction and the voucher out transaction, but we're unable to do so when we have the above scenario.

Question – how do I have each pay item of a voucher write its respective dollar amount and PO # to F0911?

F0411 voucher match process - one invoice for multiple Pos

PV # Itm PO# Inv# Amount
1234 1 99 ABC1 $10.00
1234 2 100 ABC1 $25.00
1234 3 101 ABC1 $5.00

F0911 posting is the sum of the voucher’s pay items against the PO # on pay item 1 of the voucher.

PO# Acct# Amount
99 GRNI $40.00

I’m trying to achieve detail posting to GRNI, F0911, as follows...

PO# Acct# Amount
99 GRNI $10.00
100 GRNI $25.00
101 GRNI $5.00