porttest problems with AIX and Oracle


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JDE List,

We are having issues with getting porttest to run on our AIX / Oracle / Xe

It worked when we first installed Xe and we had problems last week with UBEs
running so we checked porttest and it failed. We bounced services and we
re-booted the AIX box and now UBEs run but porttest still fails.

We do have security server active but we have tried porttest both with
security on and with security off.

Please provide any ideas, suggestions or other info if possible. I know
this will become a bigger issue next time we try to build server packages.

OW Xe B73.3.3 SP14.1 AIX
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 Enterprise Server
Oracle DB (including Central Objects)
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
"fat" Win95/Win98 and TSE/Citrix "thin" clients

James Wilson
CNC Consultant

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