Populating custom Table in E1


I have done technical job for a while.

I developed new custom tables in E1 8.11 in fat client. I used the OMW and Table Operation. I generated my table and tables index by using Table operation.

We are using AS400 Series. After I generated the tables, I reviewed the using AS400 such WRKF, DSPPFM, ETC. and use UTB to see if the tables were OK.
Everything looks cool.

Now I need to upload the information into my tables. My questions is:

We have an external CNN service. I must request the CNN to generate tables in web first. And then, populated them using Microsoft Excel data transfer to -I series server ADD-in.


I can upload the info into the table using Excel Dta Transer to I-series. Then to request the CNC to generate the tables in web with all the information attach.

David Robertson

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The web gen just builds the table specs, not the actual table, and it won't care at that point if the table actually exists or not, or even if it matches the description.

As you've already generated the tables themselves, you can upload however works best for you.

CNC can do a package build normally, and the web gen will generate the tables specs. They should not normally gen a table unless specifically requested, as it will erase any data.
For promotion to production, depending on the access you have, it may be that you need to ask CNC to gen the table there as part of the promotion/package build/webgen, and the population of the data would have to happen after this.