Populating AS/400 File from OW


We are trying to maintain an As/400 file using a One World application. However some of the fields in the file have data items already defined as different in OW. JDE advise to create a table in OW with identical field attributes, but new data items,and then to run a table conversion on exiting from the application to popluate the As/400 file from the OW table.
Any idea how I call a table conversion from an application?
Or is there a better way of doing this?
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JDE's solution is, probably, safest. The hitch is, there are some externally defined (outside of JDE) data types - that will need to be 'custom data types' within JDE. If you have a defined field in the table that does not match a data type within JDE, you will have to create an exact match... trial and error can be painful.

When you create the matching JDE table - do not generate it. The act of generating does replace the external table and all its data (but, you would then have an exact column definitions for what JDE is expecting [big smile]).

Holler if you need more... we are all fighting this battle together...

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