Populates duplicate items when trying to issue a Credit memo


Hi All,
When users are trying to issue a Credit Memo CO order type on a SO order the users are seeing the double of items in Credit memo screen than the actual items keyed in SO order. I understand that sales ledger records every transaction but this was some restricted and duplication of items started happening all of a sudden. Can some one help me out on this ?

Thanks in Advance,
I would think the version of P42025 called from P4210 credit memo version has its processing options changed to display a range of next statuses instead of just one
Or the processing option that decides if it is next status or last status that is used to select records from sales ledger
Have a look at the P4210 processing options to see which version of sales ledger inquiry it calls and double check the processing options for any recent changes
Hope this helps
Hi Aarto,
Thanks for your reply. But i have another question when a GET operation is performed for an interactive version will that override the processing options set for the interactive version from Development environment ?