Pointing an Environment To A Different DD


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We find ourselves contemplating a change to a Data Dictionary item. With the DD being shared across all environments, this effectively means we will be testing in PD and we want to avoid that.

Does anyone have any handy tricks to be able to change a DD item in DV or PY without also changing it in PD?

We're running E910 Update 2 on Windows servers, Tools Release I believe.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Are you really, really sure you want to change a DD Item?

If its a standard (JDE supplied) DD Item changing Type or length is like pointing a gun to your head and pulling the trigger. If its your custom DD item then presumably you know the scope of impact and its only like pointing a gun at your foot and pulling the trigger.


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Thanks for the caution, Larry The change is just changing TRQT to a display rule of K so large quantities display commas. The vanilla is M, no commas. We know better than changing length etc. But again, thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow.