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PO Print


Hi List,

During the implementation R43500( PO Print) is customized and created versions. If we apply ESU or Service pack, Are we going to retain the changes they made or not ? Now I need to modify R43500 for some more changes, I am planing to copy the R43500 to R5543500 and incorporate all the changes they made and my changes. Please suggest the best method.

Thanks in advance.

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If you copy the R43500 to R5543500, you can't apply a future ESU.

I think you need copy the program if you do "big" changes (Add Sections, modify the section layout...) because an ESU destroy this changes and you can't recover with Visual Merge.
But if you wants to do only a code change, you can use the visual merge to recover the code change easily from other environment (DEV,CRP...).

You choose.




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Hi Niru,

Instead of modifying the R43500 have a look at the R43501. This is a Purchase Order Print program which can be called by specifying it in the versions tab for the Processing Options of R43500.

You can copy the R43501 or mod the JDE pgm. I'd follow JDE's guidelines and copy it. The R43501 is a pretty basic pgm which is only designed to print a PO so doesn't have all the code that the R43500 has and hence is rarely effected by ESU's.



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