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We are trying to use the shortcut icon that gets dropped into a purchase order approvers Message Center whenever a PO is created using P4310. This Icon calls P43081 version VJDE0001 and automatically plugs in the correct Order number. That works fine, but we need to call a different version of the P43081. We have searched all of the event rules in the P4310 when the OK button is clicked, looked through BF XT4311Z1 that appears to be committing the PO to the awaiting approval status, checked the processing options on the P4310 and set our desired version there and set the version in the workflow center but to no avail. Does anyone know where we need to go to change this version number and plug in our desired number?

Did you ever get this issue resolved? I am running into the same problem with another application and I can't figure out how to solve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Charles

Try the table ER (Before Record is inserted) for F4209. In the 'send message' statement you should be able to change the version.

This is kind of interesting issue. Keeping in mind how Work flow process work I was looking for work flow process in P4310 application. Never thought that they will put table triggers to achieve this task. May be they did this before they had work flow process.

For the same thing I have a question. While browsing through the whole P4310 for start of work flow process I had the painfull expereince of browsing through each event rule to look for the specific START PROCESS(work flow start) key word. I am wondering is there any easy way of doing the same task.


Naveed Rahimullah
Just print all the ER to a text file and then use a text editor to search the file.
Sort of on the same topic ...

My client has the PO Approval E-mail working, but would like to remove the shortcut from the E-mail that is generated. The problem is that they have a bunch of remote users who will receive their E-mail on a locally installed Outlook client, but run OneWorld through Citrix.

With this situation, we either need to get the shortcut to call Citrix, get them to run Outlook through Citrix (then it will call the Citrix-based OneWorld in the same session), or remove the shortcut from the E-mail completely so the users won't be confused.

Any ideas?
What version of Citrix are you on? I believe FR2 for XP will allow a local shortcut to open a Citrix session. Although I don't think JDE have announced support for FR2 yet????