E9.0 PO approval/reapproval - Purchase Order Sent for Approval Again when a new line is added


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Hi all

We are testing the Purchase Order Approval and Reapproval processes.

Is there any way to prevent an already approved Purchase Order being sent for approval again when a new line is added? (

Even if the processing option in the 10 Approvals tab, option 4 is blank, when a new Purchase Order line is added to an already approved purchase order, the purchase order is sent for Approval again.
This happens even if the purchase order is under/above the Approval Route Limit amounts. We have the P4310 Reapprove Changed Lines set to Blank (Do not reapprove) but this seems to have no impact and adding a new line will cause the Purchase Order to be sent for Approval again. So adding a new line seems to make the process kick in just it like would if the 10 Approvals tab, option 4 is NOT blank