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JDE List,

After applying ESUs JD7444, JD9589 and JD9647 to prepare for Update1 we are
getting the following errors when we attempt to do a full package build:

\\JDEDEPLOY\B7333\DV7333\package\DVFCS0510\include\b4300250.h(59) : fatal
error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'b4202151.h': No such file or

We have searched our whole deployment server for b4202151.h and this file
does not exist.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong?


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We have the same issue at one of our clients in Africa
They run on NT and SQL 7. We cannot find the file anywhere...


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I searched our system for B4202151.H also and could
not find it.
You could try removing the ESU (JDE has a document on
how to remove ESU's) starting with the last one you
put on and try the package build after that. Then
repeat the process if it fails with the next most
recient package until you get back to where you can
build a package. At that point you will know which
ESU is causing you the problem and you can re-apply
the other ESU's (building a package after each one to
ensure there are no other problems). Then with the
faulty ESU in hand you can look at that one ESU and
determine where your problem is.


Bill Godfrey
B7333 (XE)
SP 14.2
Coexistant AS400 V4R4

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I found the 'b4202151.h' include file in ESU JD9742 in my system. It is not in the Pristine Pathcode. That means that probably this file got introduced with the above ESU.
Get the ESU and you should be fine.

Hope this helped! Gerd

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Go back to your deployment server to the location where you originally
unpacked the ESU. In this ESU path check to see if this BSFN header file
actually exists.


Colin Dawes, MSc
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