Platforms for JDE - how many AS/400?


I'm curious about the use of the AS/400 in JDEdwards. I understand that
World runs on an AS/400. Does it run on other platforms?

I understand that One World is Client/Server and that one of the servers can
be AS/400. Is that the only server option, or are there others?

If the AS/400 is only one of the available servers, does anybody have a
guess as to what percentage of sites is AS/400 based or how many As/400
sites there are?



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World only runs on AS/400s.

OneWorld can run on AS/400, NT, Unix, Sun, RS/6000, HP9000
Check out the JDE Knowledge Garden for Min Tech Requirements to see list of
Host Servers.


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World runs on the as/400 (and only runs on the as/400). The code is written
in RPG.

One World CAN use the as/400 as a server, but does not have to. Code is
written in C++. Other options include, oracle, NT SQL, etc.

I dont have exact numbers regarding as/400 sites vs non as/400 sites, but
most people include thier setup in posts. Perhaps you could look through
the list....just to get a rough idea.

AS/400 Sites = 1
Non as/400 = 0

B7332 sp 13.1 AS/400 v4r4