Planning Bill


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Hi Lists,
Can anyone help on this ?
I set up two levels on BOM and both them apply to planning bill logic. I took the demo Jurior data to run R3482 but never get the forecast data of components expolred to F3460. ("2700"is parent of "2720" and "2750" and "2720" is parent of items "2730" and "2740")
I do not know where cause the problem, but I have checked and tried all the possibilities (item B/P setting, processing options on R3482) but still get no results.
I do not know if some other setting can bring the issue or OW basically did not support the multi-level planning bill like this ?
Appreciated for any suggestions !
Best Regard,
John Hsiao
PS. I have installed my laptop with Xe Update 3 try to get rid of any SAR related but still did not work on my issue


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Try running the Integrity Analysis (R30601) and check your results first.
Check the report for an errors and fix them before running MRP again. Your
example is fairly simple and MRP should work.