Planner ESU order

I have installed JDE application release 9.2 and run the installation workbench
but i missed to apply the planner ESU
Can you help me to know if it is ok to apply the planner ESU now.
Also I want to know whether Tools should be applied before running planner esu


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This is what I follow -
Install Deployment server code
Install Tools release.
Install Planner ESU. Then follow the instructions on the planner ESU doc. You will find this in the location where its extracted.

As for the upgrade, planner ESU gives fixes to the process. Its recommended to have them. You may apply this, will be useful for the next upgrade iterations.


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Yes - you can install the Planner ESU anytime, since it only updates objects that aren't updated through other ESU's (ie, can therefore be installed out of ESU Numerical order). You should be also installing the latest tools release - usually the tools release is installed after the Planner ESU.

As for whether the installation workbench should have completed successfully, it really depends on what the planner ESU might be doing. Are you doing a straightforward installation or an upgrade ? If just a straightforward installation, more than likely you're ok. If an upgrade, there might be some processes that the planner ESU might touch - which you might be able to re-do later on if necessary.
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