Physical Inventory


I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out with Physical
Inventory---The JDE physical tag count does not freeze the on hand balances.
We would like to use a tag system but with not freezing the on hand balances
this will not work for us. This means that the variances have to be resolved
before the new month activity can be entered. It can take up to 2 to 3 weeks
to resolve our variances. How can we work around this? I know the Cycle
Count system does freeze the on hand balances but we would like to use a tag
system also. How is your business doing a physical inventory? We are on Serv Pkg. 11.3 with an Oracle Database.

Thank You

Jim Zvosecz
Financial Systems Analyst
Americas Body Company, Inc., SP11.3, HP9000

We use the cycle count programs and print our own count sheets in a format
we like instead of using OW's cycle count sheet.

The danger of doing a complete count with a count sheet instead of tags is
that people work from the sheet and may not see or may not record stock on
hand that is not on the sheet (not on OW). So one needs to use some kind of
tag (does not need to have data, or you can write on a reference number like
a count sheet page number) and one needs to walk the warehouse like one
would with a tag count and look for items not tagged thus not counted.

With the cycle count sheets, you can also use prenumbered but otherwise
blank tags, and 1) write the count sheet number on the tag, 2) write the tag
number on the count sheet. So when you have a count difference or turn up
with no count for a certain item, you can go out to that area of the
warehouse and look at all the stock and trace either way, stock to sheet or
sheet to stock. This worked for us.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Denver, Colorado, USA

Neither the Cycle Count or Tag Inventory program "Freezes" inventory - both
take a Snapshot of inventory so that activity can continue - you just have
to be aware of that to resolve physical count differences that may have come
as a result of activity in or out of the bin locations that you are counting

Don Jamison
VP JDE Division
Virtual Technology Associates
Re: RE: Physical Inventory

David - I was reading up on Phy Inventory and saw your January entry. We are looking at this process now and have contemplated a similiar process as you describe. Do you have a system based way to assign a "tag #" to you cycle count record and account for these "tags"????? Also, do you have a cycle count based process for dealing with blank tags for items that don't appear in 1W.


Kyle Savage
XE, AS400, SP15