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Photo upload in JDE


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I created an application where each employee can update their personal information. It is a kind of self service.
Now, I want to allow user to upload their photo. How can I do it in JDE 8.12 ?


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Is the application built in 8.12 or external to JDE? If it is built in 8.12 then your only option will be media attachments and depending on how that is handled in your organisation they may be able to do a direct upload, move the photo to a folder that is presented as a Media Queue and then select or put the file on some sort of DMS and then attach the link.

If the solution is external to JDE then you'd need to look at a service based solution. I believe you can handle media attachments through the use of BSSVs. Another option is our Cantara solution which includes REST services for media object handling.


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I've done this before for pictures of bus stops over the F1201.

Media Objects is the path I chose if asked to do this today but many moons ago I also used used the RES folder to constantly change the picture being displayed.
This was on citrix and I used DOS Xcopy to change the RES picture from a network source list.