Performance Monitoring - Pro-active alerting



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Hi guys

I am on Unix here and was wondering what kinds of software / existing E1 screens you maybe using to monitor the E1 system and be a bit more proactive about things that could or maybe going wrong under the E1 bonnet.

In terms of long running jobs, kernels, zombies, subsystems etc....

All that kind of stuff.

I'm a developer so I don't know too much, or much, about this side of the E1 software but I've been tasked with trying to find out

Any help would be great


Check out the Monitors feature in Server Manager. You can monitor long-running UBE's, zombie processes, exceeding specified user counts per JVM, and more, and have those alerts e-mailed to you. This will give you a good start.
Beyond that, we've developed an E1 Status Report that shows us UBE's that ended in error, business object reservations, disabled user accounts and more. The type of things you want to know about and take care of before they lead to more serious trouble!
Hi Don

Can you pleaes tell me where to find the limit for users count per JVM and where to increase the limit.

We have IBM Websphere 7.

Sorry, but I don't know Websphere, so if there are any Websphere-specific settings, I don't know about those.
That being said, there is a configuration setting in Server Manager for the HTML server instance. In the Web Runtime section [OWWEB], the MAXUser parameter limits how many users sessions can exist at any time for an HTML server.