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Dear List

Has anyone got any idea how to bypass the message below while executing an UBE report other than locating the viewer ourselves or using Acrobat 3 viewer.

"Unable to locate the pdf viewer (%s), would you like to locate yourself?"

This message only appears if versions higher than Acrobat 3 viewer is installed with Standalone Oneworld B7.3.3.1 e.g Acrobat 4.0 or Acrobat 5.0 viewers.

Knowledge Garden mentioned about correction but only in the future release.




I did the following, I left the acrobat reader version 3.0 installed and I
replace the acrobat 3.0 files inside the folders for the acrobat 4.0, amd
it worked.


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We had this same problem when we were running OW B733 and Acrobat Reader 4.0
so I don't know if this fix will work for you or not, but it's worth a try.
Using regedit go to:

My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AcroExch.Document\shell\open\command

And take out the extra double quotes that are around the path and before the
% sign. Also see attachment.

<<Acrobat Reader 4.0 problem.doc>>

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Try this.

@="C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Acrobat 4.0\\Reader\\AcroRd32.exe \"%1\""



Hi List

My conclusion and observation after trying out the suggestions from Juan, Justin and Crawford.

Here's how to avoid the OneWorld message:
1) Uninstall whatever versions of Acrobat Viewer.
2) Reinstall the Acrobat5.0 (if you want to use version 5.0) in the "c:\Acrobat3" folder instead of the default location. The reason for doing this is I believe OneWorld could have been hard-coded to work with Acrobat3.
3) Check the registry or file type definition that the extra double quotes that are around the path and before the % sign are removed. It should be: c:\Acrobat3\Reader\AcroRd32.exe "%1".

We should be able to use Acrobat5.0 to view any PDF files including UBEs from OneWorld with the said message.

Thanks again Juan, Justin and Crawford.



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You may be right. For your OW release level and SP, which you did not share with us.
As far as I remember I had this issue in B7331 (it did not work with Acrobat 4.0, if it was installed in default directory). The problem was that OW did not handle quotes in command string (see registry in earlier mail), and if you remove quotes, it can't handle space in the path. Solution was to install Actobat to a path without spaces, and then remove quotes. It was fixed in some SP for B7331, if i remember correctly 9. Or was it 10? It was more then two years ago. B7332 was working correctly from SP11, which was the base SP, if i remember correctly. XE was never effected.

Vladimir Ponomarev
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Dear Vap,

Your comments noted.

It's standalone OneWorld B73.3.1 version SP6.

Thanks & regards
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