PDF Generated with 0 Byte size

We have a custom batch application version of R03B5001to generate Statement of Account.

Part of the customization is to send statement of accounts PDF file as an email attachment to the customer.

We have 2 users running that jobs for different companies. One of the user is experiencing sporadic problem.

Some of the PDF generated (not all of them) get generated with 0 Byte Size. Then if we try to OPEN the PDF with Adobe we received an error message (Adobe cannot open file, the file has been damaged, for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). To fix the problem, the user re-run the statement of account just for the customer with invalid PDF, and it works that second time.

The way the jobs are submitted, we have a first program, launching a series of R5503B5001, one for each customer. And within a series of 50 R5503B5001, we got 10 with an Error status and generating a PDF with 0 bye size.

The second user running that job never experience that problem.


Donald . Beauregard @ bitumar . com