PC Budget Upload


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Dear List,

We are using the above option to update our GL budgets into OneWorld from an
Excel spreadsheet. We managed to do this successfully in 1999 for year 2000
budgets. Now we are trying to upload for year 2001.

Our problem is that no matter what fiscal year we put in the processing
option - 01 or 1, it updates all records to fiscal year 00
overwritting last year's budgets. We have checked with the JDE but there are
no SARs or paper fixes relating to this. We've tried this both in our PROD
and CRP environments - same result.

Meanwhile we are trying other upload options but it's tedious and
time-consuming - import to journal entry month by month.

Has anyone experienced this ?


Sook Fun, Woo
Shriro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
OneWorld B732.2, SP 12.2
HP UX 11.0, Oracle 8.0.4