Payroll Vacation Accrual set-up question


> Problem: At the present time our payroll dept does not have accruals for
> vacation for hourly employees set up in the system. Our accounting
> department would like to start using that function to accurately reflect
> the effect vacation accrual has on the business. I can't get into the
> politics of the problem, but it has been decided that IT needs to fix it
> and my boss has turned over the task to me. After reading the payroll
> manuals I'm still at a loss at understanding the correct order of steps I
> need to follow to accomplish this task. Do you think I need to attend the
> payroll classes to accomplish the task I have been given OR is this
> something that could easily be done if someone could give me the correct
> order of steps. It gets complicated because we have different vacation
> policies that are in effect and OLD Plan a NEW Plan and a SWITCH Plan.
> I would like to just start with the new plan and assume that's the only
> plan I have to deal with until I understand the steps. The new plan would
> accrue .02 hours per hour worked regardless of years of service and they
> would lose it 18 months after anniversary date if not taken. We are on
> 7.3 cum 11. Any help you can give in the steps or direction I should take
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.....
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