Payroll Issue


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The problem is that the F06106 (DBA instructions by EE) is retaining a lockout code after the records have been run thru payroll even though the

payroll is reset. The F06106 gets locked and changes cannot be made.

Even after applying the latest ESU JD11138, it would not let us reset.

Any help is appreciated.




Although it is hard to be certain without knowing your system information..(hint, hint), I believe that we have also experienced this problem. We contacted JDE about it several weeks ago and still have not seen any fix. They were unable to duplicate the problem. As a workaround we have been manually clearing the F07300 after each payroll is run (removing the lockout records). While we do not plan on this being a permanent fix, it does allow us to continue processing payroll while focusing on other areas of our implementation.

OW Xe SP 15.1
Live:iSeries400 Ent.
W2K Fat Client
Sandbox:W2K Ent. SQL 7.0


Are you going through a Xe upgrade or new implementation?

We are currently going through an upgrade from B7331 and had a simillar problem. Truncating the entire F07300 table seemed to fix the issue (Make sure you don't have any active payrolls before doing this.) Xe seemed to be confused by the records in the F07300 that came over from B7331 in the Xe data conversion.