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Just wondering if anyone out there has or is experiencing this:

We're on B733.2 SP13.1. We installed the Mandatory HR/Payroll ESU (4364899)
last July. We did not install the Mandatory Finance ESU's (4605023 and
4605031) that came out in November. We did however install the ESU
installation enhancement this January.

The problem is that when we try and install an HR/Payroll ESU (JD5287) we
are informed that the prerequisite is not installed, when in fact it is. I
assume that this is because the ESU installation enhancement did not
populate Planner with the necessary information since all of our other ESU's
work beautifully with this new process.

We can not simply go back to the old way of installing ESU's (you really
wouldn't want to) so I'm looking for any ideas here. This weekend I plan on
installing the two mandatory Finance ESU's and 4 payroll ESU's so any help
would be appreciated.



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Installed ESU id's are actually stored in a registry key on the deployment server. Sometimes this is not populated properly. You may manually add the key if you are certain the ESU was installed. Another alternative is to remove the prerequisite keys from the ESU INF file.

From a breaking news item:

The prerequisite ESU, 4116422, enters a setting in the registry on the deployment server that proves the ESU has been installed. If this ESU has been installed correctly the registry setting should be there. However, it does not always get added which causes ESU's that are dependent on the prerequisite ESU will not install.

Make sure the prerequisite ESU is applied correctly before continuing. DO NOT ADD THIS SETTING IF YOU HAVE NOT INSTALLED THE PREREQUISITE ESU. If you do you will get undetermined results and will be running with a configuration that is not supported.

There should be the following registry directory on the deployment server:


Under PRODCTID there is a string name that matches the name of the ESU with a value of blank


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